Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nail-less Picture Hanging: Simply Tacky

I'm not calling nail-less picture hanging "simply tacky." It's the name of the product I used to hang a picture nail-lessly. I wanted to try a nail-less approach because I wasn't quite sure how high/low I wanted to hang my picture (Mr. CHC wasn't home to hold it up for me), I wasn't in the mood to make a decision and I didn't really want to make a hole in our newly finished wide window-sill. 

These days there are more-and-more options for ways to hang things on your walls, how is one to know what's best for each particular thing you're hanging in each particular place you're hanging it?

Things to consider…
  • size of the object you're hanging
  • weight of the object you're hanging
  • location of where you're hanging it
  • material of what you're hanging it on (drywall, wood, brick, etc.)

The 'Simply Tacky' was easy to use. All you have to do is pull off a piece, roll it and push it on the back of your picture and stick it on the wall! Simple and tacky.
We had this canvas for a few months before I finally found a home for it. I don't hang anything on our walls unless I love it (or fill space in our home with anything unless I love it for that matter), and as a young couple we still have a lot of empty wall space. So, anytime I find a piece for the wall that I love (at a decent price) it comes home with me. After getting it home and looking for a place to hang it, nowhere on the main-level was really speaking to me. So, I waited until we finished our bedroom to see if I could find a place for it there... and I did! I think this location is perfect, but if I change my mind I can very easily relocate it!
The canvas has been hanging there for a few weeks now, and I can happily report, so-far so-good!

Note: I found "Simply Tacky" at Hobby Lobby.

***Update: A week after writing this post, the canvas did fall off the wall... I guess Simply Tacky wasn't tacky enough and really might be the other definition of tacky after-all. I think I'll stick the the more obviously sturdy options, like a good ol' hammer and nail. At least I was willing to try a new alternative, right? Plus, after having the canvas hanging there for a couple of weeks, I know for sure that I like the location and have no problem making a nail hole now (so maybe it really was a good idea).***

*What alternative to a nail have you used to hang something on your walls?



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Monday, March 28, 2011

Flower Therapy

It's time to turn your "winter blues" into "spring fever!" Even while the warm days still seem far and few between, you can just start the process by filling your home with your garden's first blooms of the season! This natural remedy works wonders! Last week I showed you a vase of Daffodils in our bedroom...
...Well, I was enjoying these so much, I wanted more! So I gathered some vases, grabbed my clippers and back out to the garden I went! Now our dinning room and kitchen are also showcasing daffodils!

Dinning room...
For the table I placed three stems in an 'Izze' bottle to make an arrangement that was fun and cheerful! Then I used eight stems (five yellow and three white) to make a lovely arrangement in one of my favorite Jadeite vases, and placed in on our buffet cabinet. I also used some of the foliage to add interest to the arrangement.

The book under the vase is one of my favorites! ...Mary Jane's Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook: For the Farmgirl in All of Us; by Mary Jane Butter's. (At the very end of this post you'll see a link where you can buy it from Amazon!)

On our kitchen window sill I placed a single stem inside a small bud vase. I love how sweet and pleasantly simple a single stem appears! I can't wait until more of my flowers start to bloom!

Buh-Bye winter blues, H-e-l-l-o spring fever!

Grab your clippers!



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Friday, March 25, 2011

Basement / Master Bedroom Tour (Second Edition)

I'm about to take you on another video tour sharing our latest bedroom progress! The biggest change since the last tour is our bedding and canopy (that I shared in the last post)...
...but this will pull everything together and the video quality is much better than the first one I shot (since it was taken during daylight)!

So, what's next??? My next project in our bedroom is working on our office space. You're probably thinking, you have room for an office? We sure do, well kind of, we did have to get a little creative. It's going to be in the mysterious area between our staircase and bathroom that neither video shows. I found a beautiful antique desk on Craigslist and an old chair at an estate sale. Both pieces need some work, but I'm looking forward to the projects and sharing the "how-to's" and transformations with you!

See the 'First Edition' tour here.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!



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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Look for Less: Canopy Bed

Whether it's made of metal or wood, canopy beds can cost a big-chuck-of-change! But who can rest it's dreamy appearance?! Which is why I took a different approach to get the same look for less, a lot less!

Pottery Barn's Antonia Canopy Bed- $1,300...

Pottery Barn's Farmhouse Canopy Bed- $1,450...
CHC's Canopy Bed- $55...
Here's how...
...We simply attached window curtain rods to the ceiling on all-four-sides and hung a curtain panel from each side of the rods (eight curtains total). I wanted the curtains to puddled on the floor a bit to accomplish a look that was billowy and romantic. Then I just used a piece of natural jute to tie the curtains at the corners (they could be left hanging loose as well). 

Note: Since it's difficult to find long curtains in stores, I ordered these online from Target, and the rods are from Wal-Mart.)

What's better than a canopy bed? ...A canopy bed with 'all-white' bedding! It just looks so fresh, inviting and elegant! Take a look...

Pottery Barn's Ruched Duvet Cover- $200...

Pottery Barn's Hadley Ruched Duvet Cover- $160...

Maybe mine doesn't compare to Pottery Barn's, but just wait till I get a white bed-shirt, shams and throw pillows...just look at the difference a white comforter makes...
...and it cost me zero dollars! ...It belonged to my great-grandmother! I l.o.v.e vintage linens!

Target's Heirloom Comforter Set from their Simply Shabby Chic line- $100...
...This is the bedding we are using in our oldest (two-and-a-half-year-old, Angelia) daughter's room.

It was also used by the lovely, Sandra from My Shabby Streamside Studio...
...She turned a hunting cabin into a romantic Victorian cottage! I absolutely LOVE what she did with it!

Note: Bed and bedding prices reflect queen sizes.

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