Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nail-less Picture Hanging: Simply Tacky

I'm not calling nail-less picture hanging "simply tacky." It's the name of the product I used to hang a picture nail-lessly. I wanted to try a nail-less approach because I wasn't quite sure how high/low I wanted to hang my picture (Mr. CHC wasn't home to hold it up for me), I wasn't in the mood to make a decision and I didn't really want to make a hole in our newly finished wide window-sill. 

These days there are more-and-more options for ways to hang things on your walls, how is one to know what's best for each particular thing you're hanging in each particular place you're hanging it?

Things to consider…
  • size of the object you're hanging
  • weight of the object you're hanging
  • location of where you're hanging it
  • material of what you're hanging it on (drywall, wood, brick, etc.)

The 'Simply Tacky' was easy to use. All you have to do is pull off a piece, roll it and push it on the back of your picture and stick it on the wall! Simple and tacky.
We had this canvas for a few months before I finally found a home for it. I don't hang anything on our walls unless I love it (or fill space in our home with anything unless I love it for that matter), and as a young couple we still have a lot of empty wall space. So, anytime I find a piece for the wall that I love (at a decent price) it comes home with me. After getting it home and looking for a place to hang it, nowhere on the main-level was really speaking to me. So, I waited until we finished our bedroom to see if I could find a place for it there... and I did! I think this location is perfect, but if I change my mind I can very easily relocate it!
The canvas has been hanging there for a few weeks now, and I can happily report, so-far so-good!

Note: I found "Simply Tacky" at Hobby Lobby.

***Update: A week after writing this post, the canvas did fall off the wall... I guess Simply Tacky wasn't tacky enough and really might be the other definition of tacky after-all. I think I'll stick the the more obviously sturdy options, like a good ol' hammer and nail. At least I was willing to try a new alternative, right? Plus, after having the canvas hanging there for a couple of weeks, I know for sure that I like the location and have no problem making a nail hole now (so maybe it really was a good idea).***

*What alternative to a nail have you used to hang something on your walls?



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  1. Great idea!!! I have used those hooks with the sticky back, and when you want to remove them you pull the tab! I forget the name now!! I want to let you know that I love your blog and wanted to share a little gift with you! Click here

  2. It looks lovely precisely where it is!
    Everything in my home is so heavy I dare not use anything less than industrial strength hangers! Still, I worry...


  3. You must have seen the 40-11 holes under every single picture hanging in my house! My husband would be ever so happy if I used this!

  4. Just like the first commenter, I use the 3M hooks for a LOT of things around the house, especially love the large ones for robes on doors (hate putting holds in doors). And they have great removable velcro strips that I use for anything the kids can reach (so it won't shift/fall) or on my tile backsplash.

  5. I love the 3M hooks too! Very often I just use the adhesive strips w/o the hooks. Especially for posters or school artwork in my kids' rooms. Works great!!! :o)


  6. I think this is a fantastic idea and I think I'll have to keep an eye out for the product. A great alternative to the usual hole in the wall. Thank you for sharing :) - Cathy Pieroz at Ray White Alexandra Hills

  7. I invented an adjustable picture hanger that was issued aU.S. patent in Feb. of this year (2013) and think it may be the perfect solution. I realize it's been a couple years since your post but you probably have even more things to hang. It would be great to have your opinion on the product. :) if you have time here's the website I built. http://www.pictureperfecthanger.com