Monday, March 8, 2010

Thrifty Wall Art: Mirrors & Ribbon

We have lived in our home for almost 3 years and I still have a few bare walls! I have been slow at getting art hung mainly because I knew the rooms still had much evolving to do, but also because art is often pricey!

The wall I decided to take on is the one in Angelia's nursery (soon to be her sister's nursery) above the crib.

My inspiration came from these Pottery Barn butterfly mirrors. I really wanted these to hang above the crib but their $59/mirror price tag wasn't as attractive.

I also like these Pottery Barn flower mirrors, although they're $49, $ 59 and $69.

The mirrors I used may be a bit smaller but they accomplish a similar look and the price is no comparison!
I found these three heart-shaped mirrors and a light-pink roll of ribbon at Hobby Lobby.
Step 1: cut and remove cord they came with
Step 2: cut a length of ribbon and feed threw hole
Step 3: measure and cut ribbon to desired length and tie a knot to create a loop
Step 4: slide the knot to where it's hidden on the back of the mirror

Step 5: hang mirror on a nail from the ribbon and hide the nail with a bow (cut a new piece of ribbon, slide it behind the hanging ribbon, create a bow over the nail, then cut the ends of the ribbon on an angle at close lengths.

You may remember a similar project I did hanging pictures with ribbon.



Price: $177

Price: $177

Price: around $10!