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My name is Jaclyn Cool (I figured you can’t have the last name, Cool, and not used it, right?) CHC is a place for me to channel my many passions and creative energy, and my hope is to inspire you along the way! A lot of it I’m learning as I go, and with the excitement of what each new day will bring! My posts tend to be short n’ sweet… that way you can view my creations and be on your way to create your own! My relationship with God is number one in my life… after all He is The Ultimate Creator! I have a wonderful hubby (Travis) and two precious little girls (Angelia and Chiara)!

...Our family's world was turned upside down in May 2010, when my hubby was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. It has given us a "crash course on life"... and it has made us really appreciate how precious life truly is and that we should make the most of each day we're given. We believe in the healing  power of God and the power of prayer!

Each day is a Gift, that’s why they call it the Present!” 

Thank you so much for visiting CHC, I hope you stop by often!



My husband had brain surgery in December 2010 and they were able to remove around ninety percent of the tumor. Instead of following surgery with harsh treatment options of radiation and chemotherapy, we are taking a more holistic approach. This includes an all-organic diet, supplements and a vaccine trail. The vaccine trail requires flying from Kansas to Pennsylvania eight times...

If you are interested in helping our young family with these medical related expenses your donation would be very much appreciated and we couldn't thank you enough! God bless!


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