Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

It may have been two-and-a-half months ago but I wanted to share some photos taken during Memorial Weekend. We went to the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens (one of my favorite nearby places to visit). I used to hike there with my dad when I was younger, back when there was nothing but a few wood chip trails. Now they have a visitor center, paved trails (along with wood chip trails) and many beautiful gardens!

After a lovely home-made picnic on this shaded bench overlooking the pond we lathered up our fair-skinned babies and took a stroll through the gardens.

Peony (my favorite flower)...
This was a great time to visit (end of May) because all the peonies were in bloom!

Looks like Angelia loves peonies too!
We then took more rugged terrain (the wood chip trails) through the woods...
Chiara napped.
...and we took a watermelon break.
...this girl LOVES watermelon!

The four of us had a wonderful time! And we actually went to the Arboretum again last weekend! Soakin' in the last bit of summer!

What did you do for Memorial Weekend? Do you have a place like this you like to visit?



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  1. It must be a very lovely day. she was so cute.

  2. lovely girl! I love her smile, like an angel