Monday, August 23, 2010

Virtual Shopping: Pottery Barn Meets Lavender

While growing-up my mom and I always loved shopping together! So when I went off to college we did what we called "virtual shopping". Whenever one of us saw something that caught our eye we would talk on the phone about it and look at it online together.

Did you know that Pottery Barn has bath and bedding items that are exclusively online?
That's right, and their newest collection is inspired by Provence!

In Provence, France lavender is cultivated for it's flowers and oil.

~ Lavender Retreat ~

Dried Lavender Bouquet:
...vibrant purple color and soft fragrance.
Embroidered Lavender Guest Towels:
...beautiful blooming lavender motif.
Provence Organic Bath towels:
...soft, plush and organic!
Provence Shower Curtain:
More organic cotton and dabs of color!
It all comes together...

Printed Lavender Pillow Cover:
...reproduction of an original painting.
Embroidered Lavender Lumber Pillow Cover:
...bundle of blooms and stems.
It all comes together...

Create your own little 'piece of Provence'! 

For more information go to the PB site and search "lavender".

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Images courtesy of Pottery Barn and Wikipedia.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Say No to GMO, Buy Organic!

Whether you're...

Not concerned about eating healthy? 
Needing some encouragement to eat healthier?
Wondering if it's worth spending a bit more for food that is healthier for you, your family and the environment?

...Watch these three documentaries, "Food Inc.", "The Future of Food" and "Dirt".

They'll definitely make you think twice about your food choices!

"Food Inc."- movie trailer:

"The Future of Food"- movie trailer:

You can watch the full length video of "The Future of Food" here.

"Dirt"- movie trailer:

It's your choice!

How you can do your part...
Shop at your local farmer's markets!
Plant produce in your own backyard!
Find your the nearest Whole Foods Market or other health food store!
Buy organic and locally produced food!
Encourage your friends and family to make these changes!

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Video Clips courtesy of You Tube

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bringing the Indoors Out: Outdoor Furniture

It's mid-August and in Kansas that equals HOT... but just this week I got that feeling that fall is in the air! Although I love summer-time, I always get excited about the change in seasons! With each season comes different activities, gatherings, holidays, food and decor!

While the cool, crisp days of  autumn await us just around the corner I am starting to thinking about outdoor dinners, backyard games and sitting around a patio fire. Which brings us to one of my favorite things... outdoor living areas!

Is your deck, porch and patio ready for you to come relax, gather around the table, entertain guest and create memories?
If not, you're in luck because right now most stores are putting their outdoors furniture and accessories on SALE!

My mom bought the girls 2 of these green retro chairs from Lowes...

And today I snagged the table that goes with them on clearance...

Here's some inspiration for you to create your outdoor living area...

Soak up some warmth and fresh-air before winter arrives... and do it in style!

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Tell me about your outdoor living areas... I would also love to see your "before and afters."

Images courtesy of Lowes and Pottery Barn.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Best Things In Life Are Free: Seeking Shade Under A Large Tree

All my life I have loved the outdoors. Here's just one of the MANY reasons why...

On a warm summer day a few weeks ago, I found myself lying under a large tree beside a lake shore. I was seeking shade and taking a break from sailing. As I laid there and looked up I felt so peaceful from the amazing, yet simple beauty of nature. I loved the sun shining through the leaves and feeling the gentle wind sweep across me...

A glimpse of what I was taking in...

I want to encourage you, at least once a week, to give yourself some time way from all the chaos of everyday life. (It can be as simple as taking a walk on a local trail, visit a nearby park, or stepping out your back door to enjoy your own garden.)

Feel like you don't have time to do something for yourself?
As a wife and mommy of 2, when it comes to doing things for myself I sometimes find it difficult. So, as I am giving you this advice I am also telling it to myself. Take care of yourself, you'll be able to give others your best when you have your best to give them.

Why the outdoors?
There's nothing quite as peaceful as being surrounded by nature. When you're there focus on all the beauty around you, close your eyes while taking a deep breathe, and listen. Perhaps you'll hear birds singing, wind blowing through the leaves, water flowing in a creek, waves crashing on the shore...

Side Note:
If you're currently stuck in your home or office and need some rejuvenation now, simply "go to that place" in your mind. ...Picture the most beautiful and peaceful setting you can imagine, your favorite place to go outdoors or even being under this very tree. Imagine all the details of what it would be like to be there, what you'd see, hear and feel!

Relax. Clear Your Mind. Renew Your Spirit! 

I am glad I could share this wonderful experience I had with you! I hope it inspires you to enjoy nature and take a moment for yourself! You'll be glad you did!

LOVE to hear from you, leave a comment!
Where is your favorite place to be outdoors?
What do you do to relax, clear you mind and renew your spirit?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wall Art: Bathroom Wall Decal

When deciding what to do with the wall space in our bathroom I knew I wanted something fun, yet quaint. I also wanted it to have a thin profile (that way no one would be bumping into it) due to the narrow walk-way between the wall and the vanity. The perfect solution... a wall decal (fun, quaint, and zero hazard of bumping into)!



Close Up:

How It's Done:
  1. Clean the surface (I just wiped the wall down a few times with a damp paper towel.)
  2. Scrape the decal with the plastic card (If yours doesn't come with one you can use a credit card). 
  3. Use a tape measure and level to position your decal where you want it. (You can use a pencil to lightly mark points of alignment or tape if you don't want to mark your walls.)
  4. Tape the top of the decal to the wall (preferably with vertical strips).
  5. Fold the decal up 180 degrees and slowly peel the backing off.
  6. After making sure it's still positioned correctly, fold the decal back down.
  7. Using your hands, press the decal against the wall working from the center to the outer edge. (Note: You can also use the plastic card here again).
  8. Starting from the top remove the front sheet in a slow downward motion. If some of the decal doesn't stick to the wall, press it back down and apply more pressure.
  9. Stand back and admire your new wall art!
I ordered my decal online from Belvedere Designs Wall Quotes. And thanks to my friends over at Young House Love, you can get 15% off by entering the code YHL15 at checkout! Or become a fan on Facebook to get exclusive discounts and updates!

Side Note:
I actually did this decal in our bathroom before the one in our kitchen. I'm also trying to think about where I can put my next one. What can I say, I just can't get enough of them... they're fun, easy and they don't break-the-bank!

Your Feedback:
Do you have wall space in your home you just can't decide what to do with?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Garden: A Perk of Parsley

If you have parsley growing in your garden you might want to take a closer look... you may have some little visitors!

Image via Wikipedia

Can you see what Angelia has spotted?


Those are caterpillars that will turn into one of my favorite butterflies... swallowtail butterflies!

Image Via Wikipedia

If you want to attract swallowtail butterflies to your garden all you need to do is grow host plants (caterpillar food). Growing host plants will attract swallowtail butterflies to your garden for laying their eggs. There are several plants additional to parsley that these caterpillars will munch on, such as, bronze fennel, Queen Anne's Lace and Rue.

...Just sprinkle some seeds of each of these plants and you'll have a swallowtail host plant garden!

Your Feedback:
Do you have any of these host plants growing in your garden?
If so, have you noticed any swallowtail caterpillars?