Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Best Things In Life Are Free: Seeking Shade Under A Large Tree

All my life I have loved the outdoors. Here's just one of the MANY reasons why...

On a warm summer day a few weeks ago, I found myself lying under a large tree beside a lake shore. I was seeking shade and taking a break from sailing. As I laid there and looked up I felt so peaceful from the amazing, yet simple beauty of nature. I loved the sun shining through the leaves and feeling the gentle wind sweep across me...

A glimpse of what I was taking in...

I want to encourage you, at least once a week, to give yourself some time way from all the chaos of everyday life. (It can be as simple as taking a walk on a local trail, visit a nearby park, or stepping out your back door to enjoy your own garden.)

Feel like you don't have time to do something for yourself?
As a wife and mommy of 2, when it comes to doing things for myself I sometimes find it difficult. So, as I am giving you this advice I am also telling it to myself. Take care of yourself, you'll be able to give others your best when you have your best to give them.

Why the outdoors?
There's nothing quite as peaceful as being surrounded by nature. When you're there focus on all the beauty around you, close your eyes while taking a deep breathe, and listen. Perhaps you'll hear birds singing, wind blowing through the leaves, water flowing in a creek, waves crashing on the shore...

Side Note:
If you're currently stuck in your home or office and need some rejuvenation now, simply "go to that place" in your mind. ...Picture the most beautiful and peaceful setting you can imagine, your favorite place to go outdoors or even being under this very tree. Imagine all the details of what it would be like to be there, what you'd see, hear and feel!

Relax. Clear Your Mind. Renew Your Spirit! 

I am glad I could share this wonderful experience I had with you! I hope it inspires you to enjoy nature and take a moment for yourself! You'll be glad you did!

LOVE to hear from you, leave a comment!
Where is your favorite place to be outdoors?
What do you do to relax, clear you mind and renew your spirit?

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  1. For the last year We have been working our back-yard. Every evening we put on some mosquito spray, and sit out on the back porch with a BIG glass of wine.

    We talk about out days, and when the conversation dies down, things get quiet, and we just sit together, admiring our first backyard, and letting our minds wander together.