Friday, August 20, 2010

Say No to GMO, Buy Organic!

Whether you're...

Not concerned about eating healthy? 
Needing some encouragement to eat healthier?
Wondering if it's worth spending a bit more for food that is healthier for you, your family and the environment?

...Watch these three documentaries, "Food Inc.", "The Future of Food" and "Dirt".

They'll definitely make you think twice about your food choices!

"Food Inc."- movie trailer:

"The Future of Food"- movie trailer:

You can watch the full length video of "The Future of Food" here.

"Dirt"- movie trailer:

It's your choice!

How you can do your part...
Shop at your local farmer's markets!
Plant produce in your own backyard!
Find your the nearest Whole Foods Market or other health food store!
Buy organic and locally produced food!
Encourage your friends and family to make these changes!

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Video Clips courtesy of You Tube

1 comment:

  1. You need to check to make sure the sellers at the farmer's markets are not reselling produce that was imported. Sad, but it happens.

    Second.. when you shop "organic" products.. know who really makes them. Here's irony for you.. the major brands who are controlling the markets are also buying up the "organic" brands in the stores. So unless you know who actually is making your food.. you very well can end up supporting the companies pushing the GMO foods regardless.

    Also for the record.. and why one should try to grow what you can.. some "organic" sprays used and approved for organic farming are still toxic. "organic" compost.. means nothing more than "carbon based materials".. and municipal biosolids falls right under that category. No compost is able to be certified organic.. it is a deliberate marketing ploy companies are using to cash in on the green movement.

    Research.. the only way to have a clue now a days as it seems very very little of this ever makes it to the news.