Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Product Shout Out: Sidekick Stateboard-Style Stroller Board

Strollers just got a little more Hip!

My older daughter (Angelia) would LOVE this! Often times when we go on family walks my younger daughter (Chiara) is chillin' in the stroller, and Angelia wants to walk along side us. {She has become quite independent.} Though after a few minutes of pumping those little legs she gets tired and... you guessed it, wants us to carry her. With a stroller board she could catch a ride every now and then and feel super cool cruisin' skateboard-style!

Who makes it?  ...Orbit.

Do you think your kiddos would enjoy riding on a skateboard stroller board?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Great Outdoors: Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

During labor day weekend we enjoyed some fun-in-the-sun as a family at a nearby arboretum and botanical garden! I used to going hiking and cliff climbing there as a child with my dad and brother. It's a completely different place now... What used to be just wood-chip paths and some tree signs has become a stroll through garden after garden with ponds, streams and waterfalls.

Chiara & Angelia

Friday, September 17, 2010

Unique Ideas: Yoga Mat Wall Panels

That's right... yoga mats on the wall!

"Dinning Room with a Zen Twist!"

These woven grass yoga mats are framed in panel moldings to give this dinning room a more casual feel while adding gorgeous texture!

Trav and I went to our first yoga class a few weeks ago... and we both loved it! With this idea you could reminisce those peaceful and relaxing feelings every time you walk in the room! 

Where you can get you hands one some... Pearl River.

View more photos of this "Easy, Breezy Florida Home."

What do you think of this idea?

Image courtesy of House Beautiful.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Effects of the Oil Spill: From the Seafood to the Fishermen

Is it safe to eat seafood at this time following the oil spill?
Lately, while grocery shopping I've wondered about the safety of eating seafood and what effects the spill has had on the sea-life and the fishermen. Trav and I have purchased some seafood since the spill, although probably not as much as we would have had we not had the thoughts and images of the environmental tragedy. You have to think... Have many fish become contaminated? Are fishermen fishing anywhere near the spill? What test and safety precautions are being done?

Today, I came across a post on Whole Foods Market's blog, Whole Story. It gave me some peace of mind about eating seafood in these weeks and months following the spill, at least seafood from their stores. I'm glad Whole Foods has a passion for supporting honest, hard working companies and providing safe, healthy food!

Are you concerned about the safety of eating seafood after the oil spill? 

Video courtesy of Whole Foods and YouTube.