Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Product Shout Out: Sidekick Stateboard-Style Stroller Board

Strollers just got a little more Hip!

My older daughter (Angelia) would LOVE this! Often times when we go on family walks my younger daughter (Chiara) is chillin' in the stroller, and Angelia wants to walk along side us. {She has become quite independent.} Though after a few minutes of pumping those little legs she gets tired and... you guessed it, wants us to carry her. With a stroller board she could catch a ride every now and then and feel super cool cruisin' skateboard-style!

Who makes it?  ...Orbit.

Do you think your kiddos would enjoy riding on a skateboard stroller board?


  1. That. Is. AWESOME! Do they make those for cars yet? If so, I am goin Back to The Future.

  2. how much does the whole stroller and board cost?