Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wall Art: Kitchen Wall Decal

Over the past few weeks I've been contemplating on what to do with the space above our kitchen window.

Here's the wall space calling me for some attention...

My Thoughts: some kind of curtain?, a small shelf?, 3-5 small plates on plate-hooks? (hmmmmm...)

My Conclusion: a WALL DECAL! ...And I immediately knew what I was going to say!

Since I have a love for all things Italian, I thought this phrase would be perfecto for my kitchen!

Buon Appetito!  (Italian)

English translation: Enjoy your meal!



Close Up:

How It's Done:
  1. Clean the surface (I just wiped the wall down a few times with a damp paper towel.)
  2. Scrape the decal with a plastic card. 
  3. Use a tape measure and level to position your decal where you want it. (You can use a pencil to lightly mark points of alignment or tape if you don't want to mark your walls.)
  4. Tape the top of the decal to the wall (preferably with vertical strips).
  5. Fold the decal up 180 degrees and slowly peel the backing off.
  6. After making sure it's still positioned correctly, fold the decal back down.
  7. Using your hands, press the decal against the wall working from the center to the outer edge. (You can also use the plastic card again).
  8. Starting from the top remove the front sheet in a slow downward motion. If some of the decal doesn't stick to the wall, press it back down and apply more pressure.
  9. Stand back and admire your new wall art!
I ordered my decal online from Words Anywhere. Their site is easy to use and you can custom design your decal by choosing your our phrase, color, size and font! And since I was working in such a defined space, it was great being able to measure and select specific dimensions.

Your Feedback:
Have you put up any wall decals in your home? If so, please share the details!
When it comes to wall decals, do you favor words or images?

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