Thursday, July 15, 2010

Your Health: How I Got Started

A brief background on my initial interest in over-all health:
Since my early teens I have been interested in living a healthy lifestyle. My high school days consisted of running track and cross country, going to modeling school, and spending A LOT of time outdoors on our 80-acre ranch. In addition, whenever I got the chance I would research information about nutrition. Not only did I watch what I put in my body, but also what I put on my body. This interest stemmed from being introduce to Arbonne at my modeling school. You wouldn't believe how many chemicals we put on ourselves from hygiene products and cosmetics. I have also always had a passion for being active and enjoying nature!


After going to college I "loosened up" quite a bit on the way I ate. This was due to a number of reasons, such as, not having a kitchen I could use in my dorm or sorority, convenience, and social aspects. Though I did still watched what I ate to a degree (especially for a college student) and stayed very active.

What I did to stay active while in college:
  • Worked-out at recreation complex almost daily (cardio, weights, classes).
  • Went to the natatorium to swim laps early in the morning.
  • Joined the university's running, cycling & sailing / windsurfing club.
  • Participated in road races, adventure races, and duathlons. 
  • Went hiking and running on the Konza Prairie.
    And then there was a boy...
    When I met my husband in college he was practically surviving on frozen pizza, candy and soda. It drove him crazy that I didn't eat desserts. Lets just say he began to eat more healthy (especially since I would cook for him) and he introduced me to my sweet tooth (especially when it came to chocolate)... but I guess we sort of balanced each other out. 

    We're playing in a whole new ball field now...
    After we got married, Travis no longer had to entice me to eat desserts, although I would have to encourage him to eat some of the more healthy foods here and there. That has all changed though due to his recent diagnosis. He is now on an all fresh, organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, meat-free (with the exception of fish), dairy-free (with the exception of cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed oil), distilled water only diet... along with taking many supplements.

    Eat well. Get outdoors. Be active. Love, Laugh, Live!

    Your feedback:
    What health topics are you interested in learning more about?
    Do you watch what you put in or on your body?
    What is your favorite exercise / outdoor activity?


    1. we love to eat healthy as's been a long road with my man, but we are finally on the same page.
      another big thing for our family is we don't vaccinate--after years and years of research, we finally feel confident that this is the right decision for our family.
      we also all see a chiropractor a few times a week.
      i love keeping up with ya'll on your blog...aren't ya'll in prairie village? my best friend lives over there.

    2. We too are weary about vaccinations, especially when it comes to the little ones. We always ask if they contain mercury and are selective about when we get them and which ones we get.
      What do you have done at the chiropractor?
      We live just north of PV in Roeland Park.

    3. I love Travis's diet. I don't eat any meat except fish 1-2 times/ week and I feel more healthy and energetic than ever before. Nice post!

    4. Way to go, Chris! I think that's awesome. I haven't been eating much meat lately (and plan on keeping it that way) and I really don't miss it.