Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Cool Girls: Do They Look Alike?

Angelia and Chiara... my two biggest blessings! At 19 months apart in age, I am so excited for them to grow up together as sisters and share that special lifetime bond! I never had a sister, but I was blessed with a big brother, Grant, and we are only 18 months apart in age!

Chiara: July 8, 2010... 10 weeks old!


Angelia: December 23, 2008... 10 weeks old!


Your Feedback:
So, what do you think... do they look alike?
Do you share a special bond with a sibling?


  1. Whoa! They look like twins! Same eyes, nose, lips, head shape, complexion. How amazing is that?! Avery and Owen are a little less than 17M apart, and they now have less than 2 lbs difference and just one shoe size. I'm sure the gap will only get smaller as they get older. How special though that they are the same gender and can share in so much. Just wait, by the time Chiara is around 18M you won't need to be entertaining either of them. Avery and Owen run off and play by themselves!

  2. I think they look very similar too! It will be so fun when they can play together! Angelia is always saying to Chiara, "Wanna play?"!

  3. They both are so adorable! And I do think that they look alike. Most babies look pretty the same when their age is in months. Very beautiful girls indeed!