Friday, March 4, 2011

Covering Popcorn Ceiling

When we moved into our house luckily only one room had a popcorn ceiling, the master bedroom. Travis (my hubby) and I joke how previous owners must have wanted to spruce up their master back when popcorn was a fad. But it's very true, some how not that long ago putting "popcorn" on your ceilings was the thing to do! You could even get really fancy (like one of the houses I grew up in) and have glitter stuck in the popcorn!
The recommended way getting rid of "popcorn" is probably to scrap it off. That's what professionals did in some of our friends houses. But that sounded like a huge mess to us (especially since it was our bedroom at the time). So instead we just plastered over it!
It took two coats to get full coverage. The second coat my brother did for us and he had a great idea of watering the plaster down a bit for a smoother finish. It also made it a lot faster and easier to apply.
Then all we had to do was sand, sand and sand some more, prime and paint!

We decided to take this opportunity to give the ceiling some color so we painted it PURPLE!
...Not really! Although it a light purple could be cute, we decided to keep it white. That's just ceiling paint that goes on purple and dries white. That way you don't miss any spots, plus it's a lot more fun to paint purple-on-white then white-on-white!

Although we questioned our technique at times, we are very happy with how it turned out!

Buh-Bye Popcorn Ceiling!



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  1. You did an awesome job! I bet you're sore, eh?

  2. Hello! I just gave your blog an award. I hope you will stop by and accept it.

  3. What kind of plaster did you use?