Monday, December 21, 2009

Roommate Living Flashback

While we're on the subject of college living and my Senior year crib, I thought I'd share my Junior year room as well.

I lived in a house just a block from campus with 6 other girls. This living experience was a pleasant change after living in the dorms and sorority for a year. I'm glad for all the experiences, but it was nice to have a room to my self (especially after sharing a sleeping dorm in the sorority with 60+ girls that was kept at 50 degrees) and a kitchen to cook in again (a girl can only take so much cafeteria food)!

We painted the walls and trim, and hung curtains to conceal the closet.

This was home August 2005 (just after spending the summer in Italy) to May 2006 (when I got married). Stayed tuned for pictures from my summer interning at an Italian Bed & Breakfast, cooking school and olive tree farm!

What kind of college living arrangements do you prefer? Dorm, sorority / fraternity, apartment, house, roommates, having a place to yourself... Were you like me and got married before getting that magical piece of paper in your hand?

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