Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finishing the Basement: Enlarging Window

One of the best ways to make a basement feel less like, a basement, is to bring in more natural sunlight.

Step 1: Dig well & remove old window (after moving a bunch of flowers).

Step 2: Use a concrete saw to cut out larger opening (I highly recommend leaving this step up to the pros).

Feeling more like a finished room already!
Step 3: Frame window & seal cracks with spray foam.

Step 4: Screw window to frame & caulk around the edges.
Step 5: Build window well. We extended the well with cider blocks, put rebar down the holes and into the ground, then filled them with concrete.

Step 6: Fill-in with gravel and soil.


  1. How much did the window replacment project cost? I've heard it can cost up to 7K to put in an eggress window in a basement.

  2. It cost $300 to have the concrete cut (we had them break up the concrete but we saved some $ by hauling it away ourselves). My husband dug-out and built the window-well (supplies, around $150). We bought the window at Lowes for around $350 (plus we got a tax credit). We also installed the window ourselves. A window company quoted us over $3,000 to do the whole thing. I think we spent around $800 total.

  3. Do you have any leaking problems with the window? We wanted to put a door to outside.

  4. What did you do about drainage? Did you tie into the tile drain around the basement?

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