Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finishing the Basement: Window Replacement

Fortunately, when we purchased our home many of the windows had already been replaced. All except for the sun room, which we replaced last year, and of course the basement.

Reasons to consider replacing your windows:
  • Save money by lowering your heating & cooling cost
  • Feel good knowing you're being more "green"
  • Make your living environment more comfortable
  • Reduce the amount of maintenance your homes requires
  • Increase your homes resale value
  • Add beauty to the interior & exterior of your home
  • For 2009 & 2010 get 30% of the cost back in the form of a tax credit for up to $1,500!

The original, single pane, inefficient window:

As you can see, it was very old, dingy and rusty!

  • When ordering your new window, consider the width of your new frame, add 1/4'' for each side and use that as your window measurement. Also decide if you want the window to have grids. I personally think they add quaintness to the window.
  • Remove window by simply lifting it out of the slots
  • Remove metal frame by using a crowbar to pry it at center of the top and bottom
  • Chisel any excess concrete
  • Frame around opening using pressure treated wood, a hammer drill and concrete screws
  • Screw window into frame
(If you are using a replacement window you will need to drill holes in it for mounting. If you are using a new construction window it will come with a lip around it that already has screw holes.)

Old window frame:

Ready to frame and put in new window!

After framing and mounting the window, use caulk and spray foam to seal any cracks.

Our new, double pane, Low-E & argon window:

Once the window was complete we finished framing the wall around the window, which makes us officially done with the framing on the exterior walls!

As you can see, this window is much more bright, quaint and efficient!

Now for a recap on our basement window replacement...





What have you done or would you like to do to make your home more energy efficient?

Have you or do you plan on replacing any windows in your home?


  1. Hi, Jaclyn. I saw your post when I was searching online for more information about replacing windows. I certainly agree with the reasons you pointed out in replacing our old windows with newer, energy-efficient ones. Not only will they help us cut down on our electric bills but they also give us a good investment by contributing to environmental protection.

    Where did you buy those windows? I've been looking around at this Toronto windows and doors maker and they've got a range of nice windows. I hope that installing these windows will be just as easy as you did.

  2. Brown~
    Thank you for your feedback. We purchased the windows from Lowes. Hope your project goes well!

  3. Thanks a lot, Jaclyn. If it goes well (and I'm very sure that it will, thanks to these home improvement resources I got), we'll get those nice windows up which will add the homey feeling to our old home. I'm so excited!

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  6. Replacing a window is quite hard and delicate. If an amateur is going to do it, they might damage the wall or the frames of the window. For me, I always make sure that whenever I use a hammer, crowbar, or any tool used for replacing windows, I see to it that I do it properly and with care.

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  8. That's the spirit: Not settling for anything less! Not only was the previous one inefficient, it doesn't seem to have a function, either. It's kind of just there, or at least looks like it. Visuals are everything. I'm thinking of building a similar window for our basement; however, I wouldn't mind spending. These things could be a sort of investment, without us knowing it. Or maybe, I'm just about loosening up and cutting loose ;)


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