Friday, December 18, 2009

DIY Art: Keepsake

I've been saving this keepsake for a few years now knowing that I wanted to frame it. It was made for me by a dear friend of mine (my "Norwegian sister," Tone... she was a foreign exchange student that lived with my family for a year while I was in high school). It's the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Hungry, on "aged" paper with burnt edges. I wanted to frame it because it was special to me and I simply loved it!

Since Tone did such a wonderful job making the actual art, my part was easy. I simply picked out a frame and a decorative sheet of paper (at Hobby Lobby), cut the paper to size, centered my keepsake on the paper and placed it in the frame!

I love it! Now every time I see it I think of my dear friend and remember the special meaning it has to me. Plus, I think it looks great in our dinning room!

Thanks, Tone!



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  1. I love it so much...memories to cherish...

  2. I see you creative ladies are keeping it up!

    I had almost forgotten about that. Can't believe it has been almost ten years! That song meant so much to me while living in Paola, it's so powerful.
    I miss you guys a lot, hope to see you again sometime (not too far) in the future.
    Love, Tone=)