Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our First Apartment Flashback

After getting married in May 2006 we moved into this apartment in Manhattan, Kansas across the street from Kansas State University. We both had one year of school left! Travis majored in Computer Engineering and I majored in Agribusiness.

We loved our cozy little apartment, especially after painting the dreadful paneling. All it needed was a little spackle, primer and paint.

What a dramatic difference, right?

This was home from May 2007 to after we graduated in May 2008. And boy were we glad to be done with school! We then moved straight into our first house in Kansas City!

It's kind of silly but one of the things I miss the most about our apartment is having a place to hang our pot rack. Our kitchen we have now doesn't have a place to hang it.

After living in the dorms, sorority, and a house with 6 other girls it was nice to have a place that felt more like home.

What was your college living experience like?

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  1. I remember this place! It was very cute and cozy, I love what you and Travis did to fix it all up.
    I lived really close to KSU campus too. Just three blocks south of the Student Union. My cousin, Krystal, and I lived together in a huge house that was divided into four apartments. We lived with some of her friends from MCC. There were a couple of fixer-upers that we did. It's funny to think back now at a time that seems so long ago!