Monday, February 14, 2011

Finishing Basement: Drywall and Beadboard

We officially moved our master bedroom to the basement last week! I was beginning to think the day would never come! I know you want to see a post on the finished product... don't worry it will soon come...but first I want to take a few steps back and show you the drywall and beadboard phase so you can fully appreciate it.

Since basements and bathrooms tend to have moisture we used mildew resistant drywall (Greenboard) on the interior walls and whole bathroom, and beadboard on the exterior walls. Luckily, unlike many of the homes in our neighborhood (thanks to some foundation work done by previous owners) our basement stays dry as long as we keep our gutters clean. 
(Please excuse the blurry photo...)

Here’s the run down…

1. Measure
2. Cut
3. Screw into frame
4. Caulk seams

2. Cut (using a utility knife... score and snap)
3. Screw into frame 
4. Tape seams and corners
5. Mud seams, corners and screw holes (always wait for it to dry)
6. Sand (use a sanding block and fine grit sandpaper... at least 150 grit)
7. Mud 
8. Sand
9. Mud
10. Sand

WARNING: Seal the room, wear a mask and prepare for drywall dust to be everywhere!

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