Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just For Fun: Jazz Apples

We are in the middle of a huge snow storm here at CHC! Yesterday we went to Whole Foods to stocked up and today we're staying in... all nice and cozy! 

What are we doing on this blistery day? ...finishing touches on the basement, playing with the girls, starting to decorate the basement (my favorite part of the project!), sipping hot tea, some blogging (of course) and perhaps wrap the day up with some knitting and a good Netflix movie! 

So what's with the apples? Well, besides the fact that I love apples, I love sales, and I love taking pictures of food, they possess another significant characteristic. Their name, Jazz Apples. You see my maiden initials were JAZ. (How lucky am I to go from the initials JAZ to the last name Cool?) So, while growing up my family and close friends called me Jaz (and still do actually). It started out as "Jazzy" when I was a baby and kind of stuck... Just a fun little fact about me.

Stay warm!




  1. I was at Whole Foods 2 days ago. It was definitely packed with people stocking up before the storm.

    I got apples too! But, not Jazz :)

  2. Juliette~
    Same here, it was definitely hoppin' more than usual. Don't you just love Whole Foods! Glad to hear you're a fan of apples too... even if you didn't get the the Jazz. : ) Actually, my favorite are the Honeycrisp!

  3. This is Alison (Brown) Watson by the way! Didn't know if you knew that :) Juliette is the name from my blog. I came across yours, and have loved reading it so far. We enjoy so many of the same things.

    Oh...I have some exciting news for you, too ;)


    p.s. love the honeycrisp too!

  4. Hi Jaclyn,
    I'm your newest follower and I've just nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. You deserve it - your blog is lovely! Should you choose to accept the award, you can read about how to do it as well as grab the button for your blog from my post: http://www.cottageandcreek.com/Blog-Archive.aspx?id=617&cat=Life

    I've stayed in all day too. So much snow this year! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
    ~ Lynn

  5. How fun JAZ! My initials, before I was married were: RRR !
    I'm featuring your post on garden planning on tomorrow's All Things Inspired!