Monday, January 24, 2011

Finishing Basement: Almost Done

This may come as a shock to you because the last time I did a post about our basement we were working on framing and electrical and it looked like this…

Well, now it looks more like this...

It has been quite the project... definitely the biggest we've ever tackled! We did almost all the work ourselves! Since our lives got turned upside down last spring we had some plumbing and trim work done professionally.

Now all that's left is finishing the floor and tile work in the bathroom! What you see in the pictures is the floor primed and us just starting to put down the base coat. Currently, the base coat has been completed and yesterday my mom helped us apply the faux finish! We have a little left to finish up before Thursday when the top coat goes down. We were going to do the top coat yourselves but Travis' family is in the flooring business and they kindly offered to help.

I'll share the deets on how we did the faux finish soon! ...The look of it reminds me of a granite mountain!

Other basement finishing projects:

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  3. Lovely! It's been a while, and I hope you’ve been checking your basement regularly for any problems with the waterproofing. Did you have to deal with any problems regarding your drainage and sewers before then?

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