Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland 2011

This morning I saw a beautiful sight when looked out our bedroom window… everything was blanketed with snow!

This is the railing on our back deck… I think we got about 7 inches! Travis is currently out there shoveling the driveway… what a guy!

I went out the sunroom door and around from the backyard so I could leave the snow undisturbed for the photo. Good thing I had on my favorite boots!  

Sometimes winter days can be gloomy, but when everything is covered with white fluffy snow it all seems to come to life again! Every season has it’s blessings!

Last night the girls spent the night with “Ju-Ju” and “Papa Bob” at Fire Lake Camp… hopefully we’ll making out there this afternoon and get to take Angelia sledding for the first time!

Stay warm!


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  1. Love the pictures jazzy! Great Post : ) looks like your going to have a fun, take lots of pictures of angelia sledding for me! Wish uncle jare jare and auntie blaire were there.. XX00 from the dolphins and palm tress! miss and love you guys