Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Therapy: Garden Nursery

Experiencing the "winter-blues"? Need a break from all that organizing we've been doing!? A great way to get refreshed during the winter months is to visit a garden nursery!

Today my mom, Angelia and I visited Family Tree Nursery, where their motto is 'Give Your Life Some Living Color'! (They have 3 locations in the Kansas City area!) When we walked in it immediately felt like it was summer! ...It was just what I needed!

Angelia really loved it at the nursery too!

Don't you just love this goose!? I'm thinking it would be a fun project to make one of your own!

Faux flowers are a great way to create forever-lasting arrangements that add life and color to any room in your home.

Now for the best part! Get excited... we're entering the greenhouse!

I love the smell, warmth and beauty of the greenhouse! It awakens all your senses!

Angelia enjoying the flowers with her "Ju-Ju"!

We came hoping to find plants for our terrariums and these tropicals are perfect and they're on sale... can't beat that! I'll be doing a post on making your own terrarium soon!

Baby Tears:
Baby Tears is a moss-like, creeping plant composed of tiny, kidney-shaped leaves that grow on threadlike stems. It makes the perfect mound of foliage if pinched, or looks great draped over the side of a pot!



Beautiful winter blooms...

Learn more about Cyclamen here from a previous post.

Ivy Topiaries:
Topiaries are fun and surprisingly easy to make! I'll be making one for a future post!


Angelia loves smelling Rosemary!

mmmmm... so good! Like mother, like daughter!


Delicious, nutritious and pretty!

I got some lettuce to pot in my kitchen. It will add some green-life, and convenience when it comes to salad making. My hopes are that it will grow back after I cut it, and be like the never ending bag of lettuce! ...I'll let you know how it goes!

Fountains are a great way to add sound and beauty to your garden! And don't forget about the fun gold-fish and water-plants!

Save money by growing your plants from seed.

There are plenty to choose from!

I love these bamboo and willow edging.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of my garden nursery visit and that it inspires you to visit one this winter!

How do you beat the "winter-blues"?
Where is your favorite place to get plants?
Tell me about your visit to a garden nursery.

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