Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's Get Organized: Kitchen Pantry

A great way to organize your pantry is to use storage containers. When selecting your containers it's important to consider the following: seal, functionality, size and price.

Seal... Is the food you are storing prone to stale or pest?
Functionality... Does the food need to be poured, grabbed or scooped?
Size... Will at least one package fit in the container?
Price... How much do you want to spend? ...Although a better option as far as maintaining freshness, air-tight containers tend to be more costly.

For foods that are prone to stale or pest, such as crackers and cereal, I used air-tight containers. And for foods that are kept in their individual wrappers, such as toaster pastries and breakfast bars I used glass or plastic non-air-tight containers. The air-tight containers I used can be purchased at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. And the glass and plastic non-air-tight containers I used can be purchased at Wal-Mart and Target.

When we purchased our home, what is now the pantry was a broom closet with only one shelf at the top. To turn the closet into a pantry we simply added four shelves and give it a fresh coat of paint! ...And we now have a lot more storage space in our kitchen!



Shelf-by-Shelf Break-Down:

Shelf #1: chips- I didn't use storage containers for the chips, instead I stuck with my original technique of folding the bags down while lettings the air out and fastening them with clothes pins.

Shelf #2:
4 plastic (air-tight) containers (snacks- wheat thins, triscuits, cheeze-its & pretzels).

...and in the corner...
3 small (non-air-tight) glass containers (nuts- cashews, almonds & pistachios)

Shelf #3: breakfast items~
3 plastic (air-tight) containers (cereal)
3 medium (non-air-tight) glass containers (oatmeal packets, oatmeal to-go bars, and toaster pastries)
3 small (non-air-tight) glass containers (dried fruit- apricots, raisins & craisins)

Shelf #4:
3 plastic (non-air-tight) containers (breakfast bars) ...I turned the containers on there side so I could easily reach in and grab them.
2 medium (non-air-tight) glass containers (trail-mix packs and fruit snacks)

Basket (potatoes, onions & bread)
Small (non-air-tight) glass container (clothes pins for sealing chips bags)
Plastic (air-tight) container (dark chocolate!)

Bottom: baby food, formula & 'toddler snacks' -for the girls.
3 plastic containers (snacks, such as gold-fish, cheerios & animal crackers)

I also added the wire shelf for more storage space,
...and moved the cookies to a jar on the counter.

How do you organize your pantry?
Do you use storage containers or do you keep your food in it's original packaging?

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  1. I love unique and old jars for storing anything. Nice to see you have some in your pantry. Love the lines, shapes, necks, rims, lids--each so unique. Enjoy them!