Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's Get Organized: Under the Kitchen Sink

This is probably one of those places you dread cleaning out, but believe me you'll be glad you did!


Start by...
(1) Emptying everything out!
(2) If you have more than one of a certain cleaning product try to combine the two.
(3) Less is more... 1 wood furniture cleaner, 1 glass cleaner, 1 all-purpose cleaner, 1 dish/hand gel, 1 floor cleaner, 1 dish-washing detergent.

I keep all of my cleaning products in a plastic tub. That way they stay organized and should one of them leak I can easily wipe it up!

My new compost bucket from World Market!
...Ok, so I don't have a compost pile or barrel outside yet, but it's on my wish-list!

Wondering what's inside the glass jar? ...It's my dish-washing detergent.
I'm trying to have a more 'green' home, and a great way to do that is by using natural cleaning products. Now days natural cleaning products are becoming much more easy to find!

In fact, Martha Stewart just came out with her own line of cleaning products called 'Martha Stewart Clean' that you can find at Home Depot! The best part is that they're 99% plant and mineral-based!

How do you organize under your kitchen sink?
Do you compost or use eco-friendly cleaning products?

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