Saturday, January 2, 2010

How To: Remove Labels / Dry Bottles

We all like new uses for old things, and better yet, new uses for things that we would normally throw away! Well, it's time to turn your trash into treasure! After all, you can't really get anymore thrifty then that! Can you?

While shopping with my mom at the Kansas City Holiday Mart I found a candle stick holder, for $5, that was made to fit inside a wine bottle (pretty neat idea, huh?). So, when I got home I immediately started going through my box of empty wine bottles. What? You don't have a box of empty wine bottles? I started to keep all our empty wine bottles awhile back hoping I would find a fun use for them (I suggest you do the same)! Especially after I saw this...
Isn't it fabulous? Pottery Barn sells it for $400! I think it will have to be a future CHC project!

...After searching through my collection of bottles I selected one that had a hint of blue and went to work on removing the label.

Removing Label...
To remove the label I simply peeled and rubbed it off while running it under warm water. After the majority of the label was removed I noticed there was still a residue from the adhesive. I had heard of using citrus juice so I rubbed it with lemon juice. But when that didn't work I got out my Goof Off, squirted some on a paper towel, gave it a good rub and off it came! The Goof Off definitely doesn't smell as good as the lemon juice but at least it does the trick. (I've also heard of using rubbing alcohol.)

Drying Bottle...
I then used some dish soap to clean the bottle inside-and-out. After drying the outside of the bottle I was left with a bunch of water droplets on the inside. You could wait days-and-days and these droplets would still be there and they would eventually discolor your glass. Or you could twist a paper towel down inside the bottle about 3/4 of the way and it will slowly absorb all the moisture. In just a few hours it will be completely dry and ready to use!

There you have it, a wine-bottle-candelabra!
Love it! I can't wait to show you what I put inside the bottle! Though there are so many possibilities! This is where you can really get creative and have fun!

Do you have any helpful tips that you've used on a similar project?
What would you put inside your bottle?

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  1. That would be so neat to fill with various things seasonally such as cranberries, candy corn, sand, colored beads, etc. Love this!

  2. Hey I've seen those in the Sundance catalogue!
    Very cute!!!

  3. Love it! I've seen them before, but usually with a colored bottle. Using a clear one is wonderful because, like you said, imagine the possibilities of fun things to place in there! Thanks for sharing, Becca