Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's Get Organized: Kitchen Cupboard

Now that I've got you in the mood to organize your kitchen I thought I'd continue to run with it!

This is what I started with...
Pretty packed full, and like the pantry I didn't really know what was in there or how old it was. Let's just say some things in there were marked 'JZ' which were my initials before I got married... which was over 3 1/2 years ago!

Start by...
(1) Emptying everything out! It helps to start with a clean slate.
(2) Put your hand-held-vacuum and a damp cloth to work. You might as well while you have everything out, right?
(3) Decide what you want to designate each shelf for.

In progress...

Still tweaking...
At first I put my spaghetti and fettuccine noodles in plastics contains, and for easy access I removed the lids and turned them on their side. But then I got another idea...

I stacked them inside a large basket that I turned on it's side. And moved the plastic containers to the top shelf for pasta that I can pour from the spout on the lid. *I found the basket at Target (I even brought my tape-measure to the store with me to make sure it would fit... like a glove!).



Shelf-by-Shelf Break Down:

Shelf #1: Since this shelf is hard to reach I used it for things I don't use too often, like the kosher salt, pepper corns and olive oil I use for refilling my containers near the stove.

3 plastic (non-air-tight) containers with pour spouts (pasta). And I placed them near the edge so I'd be able to reach them more easily.

Shelf #2:
2 Plastic (non-air-tight) containers (rice & macaroni mixes)
2 Plastic (air-tight) containers (manicotti & lasagna noodles)

Shelf#3: I used a spinning spice rack and a small wire rack to provide more storage space.

I also moved some of the excess items to the basement where I store my bulk food... you know for those trips to Costco!

How do you organize your cupboard?

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