Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Sponsor: Perfect Little House Company

Introducing CHC's newest sponsor... Perfect Little House Company!
This company is the perfect solution to many modern day home constructions. They focus on design quality and comfort over excess square footage. Their home designs are charming, quaint and full of character. They're modest when it comes to size, but not when it comes to style! Perfect for anyone who wants the many benefits of an older house without the work to fix it up!
The Designs:

My top three favorites...
...The Whitehall
...The Woodland
...The Beachcomber

I grew up in a small historic town full of charming homes with front porches... I'm thrilled to see that similar charm still being created today!
“It’s time to step into your perfect life!”



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  1. Nice...wish I would have had those plans when we built our house last year.

    New follower...your momma sent me via FB:-)