Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Grown Tomatoes

Ideally, I wanted to grow heirloom tomatoes from seed, but I guess I'll see how these plants do first. I also wanted to build some raised-beds, but with so many other projects going on it might have to wait another year. Plus, when I told my hubby that I wanted him to build me a raised bed, he came home with these...
...bed risers! He serious thought that's what I wanted. Well, gotta love the guy for trying!

Anyways, while treating my Spring Fever in the garden center at Lowes I picked up three Bush tomato plants. They had a few different varieties but these were recommended for containers, which is what I was planning to use.
 Since our house is surrounded by large trees we don't have many areas that get full-sun. Our deck, however, does (very convenient, right?). I do love container gardens though, so I'm thinking lots of pots, hanging baskets and window boxes!
For each of my three tomato plants I got a large terracotta pot, tray, and three feet.
The feet hold the pot off the deck and prevent moisture from damaging the wood (plus, I like the way they look).
I then filled them with some top soil on the bottom, followed by organic potting soil.
Plus, I mixed in about a tablespoon of Blood Meal to the top three inches of the soil for some added organic nutrients.
Ready to plant!
After planting, I added a wire frame to support the growing tomato plants. Then most importantly gave them a good watering. Next, I plan on wrapping the frames with chicken-wire to keep the squirrels out! 

I'm really looking forward to trying and feeding my family these fresh, home grown tomatoes! 

*Do you grow your own tomatoes? What are your favorite vegetables to grow?



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  1. My husband is the one with the green thumb, and he is laying out raised beds for all sorts of vegetables. He even made his own little egg carton greenhouses so he could get his seeds started. It's still too cold here to put things out but were are getting close. Here's where I posted about the greenhouses that are overrunning my window ledges:

    We grew several tomato varieties last year, but my all time favorite had to be Mr. Stripy. I bought it for the name, but it was delicious and just so beautiful with its stripes of red and orange.

    Good luck with your tomatoes! The bed risers cracked me up. :)

    Jen @ Domesticated Nomad