Thursday, November 11, 2010

From the Garden: November Roses

Earlier this week I noticed an unexpected yet wonderful sight in my garden... Roses! They're Knock Out Roses that I planted last year. To enjoy my garden's last blooms of the year to the fullest I clipped a few to bring inside. After clipping the roses I searched the garden for something to add more interest and texture to my arrangement. Being November it was a bit more challenging... but I did find some Lavender (Lavendula) and Lambs Ear (Stachys Byzantina) that was still looking quite lovely.
Then I simply ran my fingers down the stem of the Lavender to remove the bottom leaves. Note: Toss the leaves into your sink disposal for a wonderful Lavender aroma!

I arranged them in one of my favorite Jadeite vases and placed it on my kitchen table.

I love the combination of the beautiful color and elegance of the Roses, with the soft, sweet appearance of the Lambs Ear, and texture and contrast of the Lavender.

I also made a small arrangement for my kitchen window sill, using a single Rose and three Lavender sprigs.  

Making arrangements with clippings from your garden is a great way to get more enjoyment out of your garden on many levels. Place the arrangements somewhere you'll see them often. And hopefully every time you see them they'll bring you joy... I know mine do!

What plants are your favorite to make vase arrangements, whether it be for there flowers or their foliage?

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