Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shopping Trip: World Market

One of my favorite places to shop is World Market! If you've never been I highly recommend checking it out! They sell a large variety of unique items from around the world! You can find furniture, home decor, kitchen and dinning, bed and bath, food and drink, and accessories!

"Unique, Authentic and Always Affordable."





Compost Containers: $15 for the porcelain & $30 for the stain-less steel

So... wondering what I scored?

I did buy one item...

Remember this post on organizing under the kitchen sink?

Well, I got this aluminum container for $15 to use as my compost bucket.

I think they were selling it as a small trash-can. I was debating between the aluminum and the stain-less steel until the decision was made for me when I realized the stain-less stain one was twice the price!

I hope you enjoyed your virtual-window-shopping-experience!

What are your favorite stores?
Do you have any great finds from World Market?

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  1. I was so relieved after I moved that we have world market here in Virginia! It's just such a fun spot to shop!