Sunday, June 6, 2010

Travis Update: First Oncologist

On June 4 we meet with a neuro oncologist (at St. Lukes). A lot of his focus was discussing different seizure medicines which I wasn't too pleased about... I want to focus on getting rid of this tumor not covering up it's symptoms! He then pulled up the MRI image and told us that he thought the entire section that the two surgeons had told us was swelling was actually part of the tumor! How can they not recognize the difference between swelling and a tumor?! I sure hope he's wrong! Also, in my last post I mentioned that we never received a call regarding information from additional tests... well, the oncologist had those results and informed us that there was no 1p 19q chromosome deletion, which in English means the tumor may not response as well to chemo. So, as you can imagine by the time we left the appointment I was feeling pretty discouraged.

{It was not a good day for me... and it didn't help realizing first thing that morning that my car had been broken into in our own drive-way the night before... My front passenger side window was broken and my purse was stolen!}

As some time has pasted I am feeling more positive now... remembering the power of our awesome God and reading about cures from natural sources!

We are meeting with more oncologist during these next few weeks.

Please continue to pray! Pray for guidance to the right oncologist and the right treatments, and for HEALING!


  1. Do they know for sure that the swelling is part of the tumor or does the oncologist only "think" its part of the tumor? When will they know for sure?

    Thanks for the update, praying for good news!


  2. I'm not on FB often, but I did catch wind of this this week. My thoughts and prayers go out to you two. I'm so far away, but if there is anything I can do for Trav let me know.