Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wall Decor: Bathroom Shelves

I tackled yet another empty wall space that was just begging for some attention!

Your bathroom should be a place that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. A place you can escape to for a bubble bath and melt away all the stress from your work day. To create this oasis for yourself use soft colors (pastels), plush textures (towels, rugs & curtains) and items from nature (sea shells, sand, stones, wood, bamboo, potted fern, flowers in a vase, etc.).

This is the wall space I decided to spruce up... the small corner in our bathroom.

Step 1: It all started when I found these white shelves at a garage sale just a few homes down from ours for only $2.50 a piece.

Step2: I then added a diffuser to the top shelf from Target...
...and three clear-cupped white tealight candles inside Dots Candleholder from Crate and Barrel. I love these and the best part is that they're only $0.95 a piece!

Then the finishing touches... sea shells and a large star fish. I love incorporating things from nature in my decor and I think it gives the room a beach resort feel!




1. Work with what you have! (i.g.- the sea shells and star fish)

2. If you find an item you love as much as you love the price AND it's a classic (meaning you'll love it for years to come... don't pass it up! (i.g.- the $2.50 shelves and $0.95 tealight holders.)

3. It might help to work in stages! (i.g.- I left this project at step 1 for a few days and at step 2 for a few months.  As the ideas came to me, as I came upon items I liked for the spaces and as I found the time I continued working on the space until I accomplished a look I loved!

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  1. So pretty. Love the te lights. I'm new to your blog (found you via A Beach Cottage)looking forward to reading more. x Marnie

  2. Beautiful decorations! We have been in our current home for four months now, and are definitely still working on this “decorating” thing. Secretly, I hope we always will be.
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